1.             Operating efficiency

 higher pump performance at comparable levels of fuel consumption against comparable units.  
 This combined with larger standard diesel capacity and option for larger tanks again helps to extend fuel run periods;

2.             Lower ongoing repairs and maintenance costs

engineered with a primary goal to perform with less down time, you’ll immediately notice the number of smart innovations on our units.
This extends to our bare shaft pumping partner who are providers of durable, quality, Australian assembled products;


-  performance data on demand;
-  preventative maintenance and error code alert by sms / email;
-  ability to provide standard operating data;
-  vibration analysis as leading indicator of likely break down also available;
-  saves you labour hours – from simply knowing how much diesel is in the tank to being able to attend to an impending breakdown before it occurs to ensure you maintain operations.

The combined benefit is all about saving labour and reducing downtime. In many respects, our ideal unit should be seen but not heard!

Biogas - Plants

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W10 - Controller

Stationary & Marine Diesel Engines

The W10 Controller is designed for stationary and marine diesel engine market. The controllers basic function is to take control over the management of your diesel engine. The features of the intelligent software are protection, automation and increased efficiency of your investment. It is designed for various applications like fluid transfer, power generation, building services, general industry and marine.

The multi-/touch panel of the W10 Controller provides great flexibility. Easy to use and easy to control even in harsh conditions and environment. With several triggers manual and automatic start/stop control modes are possible. Triggers such as: failure detection, water depth level, low pressure, fuel sensor, bearing vibration, temperature and pressures via a two way remote control.

W10 Controller can adjust engine speed to a set speed point or vary the engine speed with respect to a pump flow or pressure set point. All automatic throttling options come with adjustable engine warm up, cool down, timers and ramps. Support for mechanical engines and engines with engine control modules (ECM) are supported by our controller.

Control multiple systems or engines from one place or one control panel. With the connectivity options of the W10 Controller it is possible to connect remotely or directly to control other systems or engines.

RPM engine speed detection via CAN-J1939 or flywheel teeth with adjustable engine Over/Under speed engine shutdowns.

Automatic startup/shutdown via various methods: flow signal/switch, pressure switch, radio control, multiple       0-10V or 4-20mA transducers and main failure contactor.

Dual engine operation. W10 will operate on engines with an ECM or with mechanical fuel stop solenoid.

Fail safe protection on all connected sensors. The W10 Controller will prevent the engine from running if a critical sensor wire fails the engine logs a critical fault.

Timers Simply set various timers and allow the engine to start/stop/ramp up and ramp down.

Sleep mode Function is activated when the controller is no longer in use for a period of time to conserve battery power.

Faults The display shows you the generated warnings/alarms from the CAN J1939 engine. Easy diagnosis of engine faults. With virtual LEDs like RED for faults and AMBER for warnings it is easy to see the status of the engine. Including a fault history and active fault codes.

GPS Is your investment still in place in the area where it should be? Easy to read GPS tracking application allows you to check to ensure your asset is in the correct position using the inbuilt GPS tracking system.

Multi-/Touch Display. The 7“ to 15“ display shows multiple pages with selectable variables i.e. RPM, engine coolant temperature, and level, engine oil pressure, battery voltage, engine/pump/system run hours, timers, flow rate, bearing vibration, etc.

Easy to use interface. Structured pages with control buttons to switch them makes it easy and user friendly. Password protection for setup and for service pages brings security into the system and prevents unauthorized users from changing (critical) engine parameters.

Vibration Vibration analysis (online/offline) protects the system from high cost damage. The alarm system sends an sms or an email to our optional server software system that prompts approved operators to initiate a service activity or schedule a shutdown of the asset if required. The service message is able to be sent to a handheld device, email or web application. If there is a failure or the vibration is out of operable range. Data trend analysis allows you to change parts in advance and protects you from higher maintenance costs.

Expandable System With a wide range of applications and over 100 additional Inputs and Outputs, i.e. digital or analog I/O, PWM, vibration, motion, valves, activators, stepping motors there is no limit to expand the system.

All-In-One One W10 Controller is able to control multiple systems which are connected over ethernet. i.e. control two dewatering pumps from one place or even start automatic control which recalculates the rpm for the second pump depending on fluid flow and/or fluid pressure. For dewatering pump staging applications.

Fall Back Redundancy Solution. In a case of damaged display or unexpected failure it is possible to override the W10 Controller operation and continue to use the asset in basic protection mode until repairs or replacements can be completed. Our failsafe system ensures your asset will continue to function at all times.

Software Maintenance Control System Our control panels have an optional software maintenance system that you can install on your server or computer that while in communication with the panel can:

IP66. electrical powder coated metal or stainless steel enclosure with clear window on the door.

Engine protection. The extensive measurement of sensors and transducers allows you to protect your investment from damage.

Connection/Telemetry. W10 Controller offers a wide range of connectivity. RS232/RS485/USB/CAN/Profibus/Ethernet. In areas with no connection you can connect to your office via GSM/3G/4G/UMTS and Satellite.

Database. The W10 Controller writes all collected or real time data into i.e. SQL database. Actual data flow is transferred fluid straight into the system.