Measurement Evaluation and Statistical eXplorer    MESX_en Description
  • Statistical evaluation of measured data
  • All-in-One solution: Import of the measurement data (i.e. 2D format .MES, MDF4 or others) Selection of time sections Composition of the measurement data (combining) Statistical analysis and analysis Creation of automatic reports (Excel and Powerpoint)
  • Analysis & progress of measurement campaigns
  • Comparison of routes / laps / measurements
  • speed
  • engine speed
  • engine temperature
  • throttle position
  • banking
  • acceleration
  • driving modes
  • switching operations
  • DTC regulations
  • braking / ABS braking
  • outside temperature
  • GPS map display / height profile
  • 2D-Import (.MES)
  • MDF-Import (*.DAT, *.MDF or *.MF4)
  • more about module ordering possible
Licenses MesX - Base
  • single license
  • basic functions for offline analysis of measurements
  • support incl.
MesX - Live
  • extension to MesX – Base
  • hardware license per device
  • data logger software for real-time analysis and evaluation directly in the data logger (i.e. WLS12).
  • sending reports straight from logger
  • evaluation live on PC / Smartphone / Tablet

Entwicklung und Fertigung in den Bereichen

      - UAV

      - BoyMotion

      - HF-Technik

      - Zeitmessung (für Oldtimer)

      - Kabelbaum

      - Automatisierungs, Regelungs- und Steuerungstechnik

      - Karbon Design

PimpUp my Prüfstand

Ältere Prüfstände ganz einfach durch neue Sensorik und Messtechnik aufrüsten.


StrongBox Portable i-Workstation

Top-of-the-Line Performance
The StrongBox Portable Workstation is definitely the top-of-the-line of industrial computers in kind of performance featuring two Quad Core Intel 64-bit Xeon CPUs, up to 14 solid state drives (SSD) or hard disk drives (HDD)(up to 750GB/each for a massive total of 10.5TB of storage) and an impressive memory capacity of up to 48GB of DDR3 ECC at 1333MHz. It is simply the most powerful and rugged portableworkstation system on the market.

Robust SATA RAID solution
Keeping your precious data available and protected at the same time is the key of success, that is why we offer the Industry's most trusted SATA Raid solution in every StrongBox Portable Workstation. Featuring LSI 6Gb/s SAS2208 Dual-Core 800 Mhz PowerPC processor and the fastest cache available - 1GB 1333MHz DDR3 - allowing your applications run faster then ever.It features RAID levels 0,1,5,6,10,50 and 60, with Online Capacity Expansion (OCE) and Online RAID Level Migration (RLM). Hot Spare support will make sure your data is protected at all time with automatic rebuild.

Reliable and Rugged
It is built on an extremely rugged 100% aluminum alloy unit, reinforced with shock absorbing rubber corners* and an impact-resistant protective glass*. It also offers sophisticated monitoring/control and multimedia features*, making this ruggedized portable system the ultimate choice for maximum industrial protection, portability, and flexibility under critical applications and harsh environments, where multimedia and advanced monitoring capabilities are required.

Quality is our state of mind
Every portable is also submitted in a complete 100 hour burn-in test at up to 50C to ensure the highest quality possible.

Every StrongBox Portable Workstation is initially set up with a standard configuration but we provide ourselves with customization options to our standard products to meet your exact configuration needs. The portable offers a variety of expansion options which you can choose from depending of your needs...